Zumba Fitness for the Wii a Video Game Review

Zumba Fitness

Lately, due to all the delicious foods this past Thanksgiving day, I’ve felt pretty out of shape. I mean, who doesn’t want to smother everything in gravy? I ate so much food and now I feel not so good about myself. Plus, I haven’t worked out since August. Luckily, my other half’s mother had bought him Zumba Fitness a long time ago, but he never tried it. So, I figured I would give it a whirl.

Zumba Fitness

The Game

Zumba Fitness for the Wii, straps the Wiimote to your hip and off you go trying to mirror the Zumba instructor on the screen. Somedays, I’m convinced I was born with two left feet. Yet, you are able to choose the intensity, the classes you want to take or make up your own.

Plus, if you have patience and want to learn the dance moves, they have that as well. I just wanted to exercise right away, so I just jumped head first into a full on lesson. I’ve learned that the smallest lesson is what I can handle.

Zumba Fitness

The Feels

Well, if you’re looking for cardio that involves a video game you’ve come to the right place. By the time I’ve completed the lesson in Zumba Fitness, I was covered in sweat and had to shower. I noticed though, that when the beat comes up for you to put your foot on the ground for a dance move, you can just stomp and not care what you’re doing. But, that’s no fun.

When it comes to the Zumba Fitness though, I recommend it for someone who wants to exercise but doesn’t want to do it with people or just lift weights. It’s fun and it gets you moving all in the comfort of your own home. I don’t have to talk to a single person while I work out and nobody judges me for my two left feet. It’s kind of a big deal for me, since I would refuse to take a Zumba class in real life.

Anyways, if you’re looking for a workout that’s gamified, try Zumba Fitness. I’m enjoying mine!

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