West of Loathing Indie Game Review

West of Loathing

Are you looking for an adventure in the old wild west? Are you a cowboy/cowgirl deep down inside? Well, you might want to check out West of Loathing.

The Game

In West of Loathing, you are a sick character heading west to find meat and glory. You start off with nothing and end up in a small town that doesn’t have that much going for it. Luckily, by doing random errands and attacking the bad guys you start gathering your meat and find friends along the way to travel with. Eventually you leave this small boring town. Will you gather your meat and glory?

This entire game is stick figures. Everything is humor based and makes for a fun lighthearted adventure gathering meat. You never know what your character will do to accomplish a task. Will it be sticking their stick hand into a spittoon full of spit just for whatever shiny is at the bottom? Will it be learning the way of the magic beans? What will you do in West of Loathing?

The Feels

I had a blast playing this game, and will probably continue playing it. It’s simple yet funny. There are many quests you can find yourself on and the dialogue is pretty entertaining between the characters. Heck, there’s even a cactus man named Cactus Bill who you can randomly find in different towns. Plus, there’s something mysterious going on in the world of West of Loathing.

So far, I’m loving it. I love the simplicity, the humor and even the story lines. I can’t wait to play more. If you’re a fan of point and click games, and find humor in a world full of stick figures, you’ll probably enjoy this game. It’s totally worth checking out in my opinion.

For more info: http://westofloathing.com/

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