Werewolf Tycoon Indie Game Review

Werewolf Tycoon

Do you ever need to play a game that is mindless, yet feels like you’re accomplishing something? Or are you looking for something that can be a stress relief that isn’t’ too violent? Werewolf Tycoon perfectly fit that bill for me.

Werewolf Tycoon

The Game

In Werewolf Tycoon, you play a werewolf who I guess is living in London. This Werewolf needs to eat every night, so he prays on unsuspecting humans in the local park. Yet, that’s when things start causing problems for the werewolf. When people go missing or he doesn’t eat all the witnesses, people start to get interested in the “missing persons cases.”

As time goes on and more people start to go missing, more and more people show up making it harder for the werewolf to eat unsuspecting humans in peace. Meaning, there are more witnesses. It gets harder and harder for the werewolf to prey when there are witnesses. Even reporters show up and take pictures when they spot him. Once a reporter gets away with taking a picture, the army gets involved. At that point, the werewolf either starves away in the bushes or risks getting shot by the army. Either way, the game is over and the werewolf is dead.

Werewolf Tycoon

The Feels

I loved this game for the fact that I can use it as a stress relief. Nothing like strategically eating humans as a wind down from the day. Especially since it’s a free game. Currently, my high score for eating humans is 57. However this was for research purposes. If I had more time, I’m pretty sure I would have beaten that score.

Either way, this game is great for stress relief for the morbid. Though, it’s not graphic so it could be fun for the kiddies as well. Remember, werewolves need to eat too!

To play Werewolf Tycoon: http://gamejolt.com/games/werewolf-tycoon/41745

Werewolf Tycoon


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