Welcome to PewPewCat!

Hello everyone and welcome to PewPewCat!

PewPewCatI’m Mattie, geek girl extraordinaire. I was once apart of a different website for a little over three years, but I’m taking the opportunity now to branch off and create PewPewCat. Lately, I’ve noticed my interests have changed. Don’t get me wrong; I still love Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow… yet they’re not my main focus these days.

Recently, I’ve met someone who rekindled my love for video games. He is extremely passionate about them, and even makes them for a living. People always say, do what you love. When I was a wee Mattie back in high school and when I had entered into my college years, video games were a huge part of my life. I didn’t have very many friends and suffered from depression. Being able to jump into any world that wasn’t apart of the one I was in was an escape enough for me.

I spent a lot of time in the worlds created by Square Enix, especially those that are found in any of the Final Fantasy’s or Kingdom Hearts. I did play a lot of Skies of Arcadia to be specific too.

I remember the first time I played my first video game that wasn’t in an arcade. I was probably seven or eight and my entire life had consisted of farm animals, PBS shows and playing in the dirt (which came with the helping my grandparents raise farm animals.) The fact that one can have an arcade game at home, right in the palm of your hands was amazing. Mind you, it was a Nintendo NES back in the mid-nineties. The only game this person had for it was Super Mario Brother’s yet I still fell in love with it.

Skies of ArcadiaAfterwards, my younger brother Billy and I begged our mom for a Game Boy, since those were the things to have in those days. It took a few years, but finally my mom surprised us both with Game Boy Colors. It was the most magical thing for us two kids who grew up poor with a single hard working mother to have. I still have my Game Boy Color today, and it still works. I just have to find cartridges that work for it. We took those suckers everywhere with us and were super happy when our mom bought us Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue. Her boyfriend at the time had Yellow; we were both jealous that he got to have Pikachu follow him around.

It wasn’t until I was in high school that we got our first consul that you could connect to the TV. My mom had gotten married and her new husband’s brother was getting rid of his old Play Station, Dreamcast and all his games that went with those and didn’t want to buy us Christmas presents, so Billy and I hit the jackpot. He also gave us his son’s Play Station 2 because he wanted a newer one. Either way, we were happy with our used Christmas presents.

While Billy was playing Cool Boarders and Tony Hawk Pro Skater… I was playing Spyro the Dragon, Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts. I even stumbled onto Final Fantasy VIII in the box of used video games, but when my new step uncle found that it was actually worth money… he took it back. I was pretty heart broken.

Anyways, Video Games helped me out of a dark period. High school isn’t easy for anyone, and between my mom’s failing marriage and the existence of my biological father, which I won’t elaborate on… I wasn’t handling life well. Yet, I was able to continue on and made it though.

To be able to reunite with something that had been my light when darkness had surrounded me was absolutely fantastic. It has also helped me recently when I found myself again in the darkness. I’m still trying to find my way out, but I’m confident that I will soon find the end of that tunnel.

This is why I decided to create PewPewCat. Being able to express my love of video games of all kinds though PewPewCat is amazing. From mobile to Indie to the mainstream stuff, I will attempt at playing it all. I know there’s beyond thousands of games… it’s just a goal.

Of course I’ll still write about my geeky passions too, just not as much as I had and maybe cats. Cats are amazing little balls of fluff and claws and teeth. Plus, I love my furry baby Carter. Might just have to share with the world how amazing she is. We’ll see, it’s named PewPewCat after all! It’s going to be maybe an emotional experience for us all… or maybe just me as I open my soul up to the world and sob into a bag of cheddar Jalapeño Cheetos. I hope you all will enjoy PewPewCat!

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