Virtue’s Last Reward First Impressions

Virtue’s Last Reward First Impressions

I recently moved and finally found my 3DS in the mess, so I  decided to start the followup game to 999, Virtue’s Last Reward. It’s been long enough since I played 999 and thought that this time was good to continue the story.


Virtue's Last Reward First Impressions

The Game

So far, the game has started off like 999. A young man is knocked out by gas and is kidnapped  by a person in a mask. He wakes up in a strange place not knowing what had happened. Yet this time, he wakes up to find a person in the same room as he is. However, both of these characters are people who we have never seen before. They’re stuck in an elevator shaft and they have to find a way out.

Yet this time when they escape, they find that their elevator shaft was really just one of several small rooms in a much larger room. There they discover other’s who had been kidnapped just like them. Yet, when the last two people come out of the fake elevator shaft, one is a familiar face. Clover. Yes, the pink haired girl from the last game, who in one scenario killed everyone with an axe. The other is a like a robot with no memories. From there, their attention is grabbed by a projection on the wall. It’s Zero’s message. This time though, Zero is projected as an artificial rabbit who admits that the real zero may be one of them. So far, I have completed the second puzzle and now am on the third cutscene.

Virtue's Last Reward First Impressions

The Feels

Virtue’s Last Reward has the same infuriating puzzles as it’s predecessor. Except for this time, it’s got an easy setting and a hard setting. They’re both hard for me. This game makes me feel dumb in so many ways. I find myself beating my head against the window out of frustration most of the time. Especially since I had no clue of how to open the answering machine to get the key out and had to get my significant other’s help in order to do so. Those who have played, know.

Yet, it’s always the story with these games that draws me in. For starters, the one person who recognized Clover in the game is named Alice. Remember, All-ice? A-lice? Like, IS THAT HER? I NEED TO KNOW! Also, why are Alice and Clover dressed like strippers? Either way, I may hate the puzzles but I’m hooked on the story. Just like 999.

More of these random thoughts will be coming as I progress though the levels. Hopefully I don’t get so flustered at the game that I just quit though… That happens with these puzzles sometimes. Either way, these are my Virtue’s Last Reward first impressions. Wish me luck.

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