Undertale First Impressions Indie Game

Undertale First Impressions

Thank you Steam Summer Sale, without you I wouldn’t have purchased Undertale. Since I had actually spent money, I decided to play Undertale right away. Well, you know… When I was home in the comfort of my pj’s. I have yet to beat it so here’s my Undertale First Impressions.

Undertale First ImpessionsThe Game:

In Undertale, you play a human child who fell down a hole where all the monsters are trapped. Turns out that years ago there was a war between the humans and the monsters and the humans won, locking the monsters away underground.

When people fall down this hole, they become trapped and according to Toriel, the first friend you meet, all these humans were killed. Turns out that the king killed them since he needs human souls to break the barrier that are keeping the monsters underground.

Along the way, you meet friends and enemies and have to decide how to fight them. The warning I received from two of my friends was, “Be Nice.” Both of them said it at two different times. It was creepy.

Undertale First ImpressionsThe Feels:

So with the warning of, “be nice,” I went along my way exploring this new world. So far I met Sans and Papyrus, two awesome skeletons who both end up being your friend when you need one. I totally fell in love them both. You have the lazy Sans who cares a lot for his brother, and the “I want fame and glory by being in the Royal Guard,” Papyrus. They’re awesome.

On top of that, this game’s humor is on par. This whole game is pun filled and it makes it hysterical. This entire game is full of whit as well and I highly appreciate it. I totally am loving the crap out of it.

Once I finish Undertale, I’ll let you all know what I think about the ending. Since I started playing, which was yesterday…. I’ve  played about 6 hours. I’m super excited to play more. Just remember, be nice. Hopefully that will help me in the end.

Undertale First Impressions

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