Undertale Endings Indie Game Review *spoilers*

So far, I have beat Undertale twice. I went from it taking me months to get to the ending, to beating it twice in less than two weeks. Let’s just say, I was DETERMINED. Mostly I was determined to get my happy ending. There’s a lot to say about the Undertale endings that I received. This contains spoilers, you have been warned.

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Undertale Ending 1:

The first time I beat Undertale, I had to fight Asgore. He destroyed my option for mercy and I actually had to fight him. He was a tough battle. I died around five times before I finally was able to knock his health down enough to finally be able to show him mercy. I did want Asgore to live happily ever after. All I wanted for him to drink tea and to finally stop collecting human souls. It seemed like he was happy, only for a split second until Flowey showed up and killed him… That thing is what nightmares are filled with.

So, I had to fight super powered, human soul filled Flowey. He killed me many times before I was able to defeat him. Yet in the end, I showed him mercy. No matter how many times, I continued to show him mercy. It was then that Flowey promised me that if I go though the game again without killing anyone, he would spare Asgore. So that’s what I did.

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Undertale Ending 2:

The second time, I was determined to do what Flowey said. I was able to get past Toriel without killing her. Then I continued my journey and remembered to buy a spider donut in the ruins as well. While I continued along my way, I totally made friends with Undyne this time. It was a lot of fun even though we set her house on fire. On top of that, I was able to explore the relationship between Undyne and Dr. Alphys more. It was so adorable. I was totally cheering for them.

However when you take this pacifist journey, you end up finding out something creepy about Dr. Alphy’s past. It turns out that this anime loving creature isn’t as innocent as she may look. However what she did do was all under the orders of Asgore, in their hunt to try to break the barrier. She created different scary creatures out of the souls of dead monsters trying to figure out why humans were so determined. She was also the one who created Flowey, out of the first golden flower that ever grew there.

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Undertale Background *major spoilers:*

Turns out, it’s all connected. A long time ago, a child fell into their underground area and a monster named Asriel found the child. He took the child home to his parents Toriel and Asgore and the child lived with them. It gave all the monsters so much hope and everyone was happy. Yet, one day the child became super sick and was going to die. The Child’s last wish was to see the golden flowers from it’s home town. Before the child could do this, it passed away.

Asriel was so sad at the loss of it’s best friend, he took the child’s body and crossed the barrier. Asriel took the body to the village to see the flowers. However when the humans saw the monster with the body of the child, they figured that the monster killed it. That’s when the human’s attacked. Asriel however never hurt any one of those humans. He simply returned home. Yet when he returned to the throne room, he collapsed and died.

Toriel and Asgore were destroyed loosing not one child, but two. The entire kingdom lost hope. So Asgore decided that any human who would fall into their world would have to be sacrificed so he could break the barrier and bring hope to the monsters. Toriel didn’t want that, so she left Asgore. After that, the golden flowers started growing in the underground.

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Undertale Ending 2 cont:

So, when you go to fight Asgore this time around in taking the pacifist route… He goes to destroy mercy until Toriel comes around and attacks him once. From there, all your friends show up. Papyrus, Sans, Undyne, Dr. Alphys, and all the monsters. However that leads to bad things, Flowey ends up taking them hostage and absorbs them. You have to fight flowey again. Yet it turns out, that Flowey is really the soul of Asriel. So you have to not only fight Asriel, but get back the memories of your friends.

It’s a really tough battle, but the ending is so worth it. It’s so amazing it made me feel all sorts of happiness inside. Everyone got their happy ending.

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Yet, if you go the genocidal rout… I’m just warning you, if you kill your potential friends… They will die. They will not come back. Or so I’ve heard. Which is terrible, because who would kill Papyrus? He’s so nice! He makes you spaghetti.

This blog became very long.

Overall. I love Undertale. I would play it more and more however there are so many other games to play and I hate this concelpt called time. Undertale is magical. Undertale is just so awesome. I love it to pieces. Papyrus is my favorite.

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