To The Moon Game Review

To The Moon

This has got to be one of my favorite indie games of all time. Never has a game affected me as much as To the Moon has. It’s a game that makes you think and gets you caught up in it’s world and with your own life.

To The Moon

The Game

If you haven’t played To the Moon, the basic premise follows two doctors Neil Watts and Eva Rosalene. However, they’re not like typical doctors. Their jobs are to grant one last wish to people who are on their deathbeds. They do this by hooking their client up to a machine that makes them fell as though they completed this wish, yet in the form of a dream. However, before they complete their mission, Neil and Eva have to figure out why their client subconsciously wants this wish to come true. To do this, Neil and Eva have to travel though their client’s memories to find the truth.

Yet, Neil and Eva weren’t expecting a final wish like this. Their next job takes them to giant house where they meet Johnny, their dying client whose one wish is to go to the moon. From there, this game takes Neil, Eva and the player on an emotional journey that has left me in pieces. When I hear the song To the Moon, I become stoic on the outside. Meanwhile on the inside,  I’m crying my heart out. To the Moon is the perfect example of a wonderfully executed, romantic/tragic story line.

To The Moon

The Feels

To me, this game has taught me to open my eyes and to hold onto the things that I cherish before I loose them. To always be patent and loving, because you never know what may happen in life and to always be attentive. You never know when you’re the one who needs saving.

Plus, this story absolutely tore me apart because in the end, you realize that the tragedy between Johnny and his late wife, River was that they were both broken in their own ways and never connected to fix it. However they never gave up on each other and were both trying to help one another. At first, one would think that River was the crazy one, but in reality she was unable put the words or thoughts together to help her husband in finding the truth. But she tries so hard in her own ways and it never connects. I can’t help but cry because no matter what, they loved each other so much. Yet they couldn’t find a way to communicate with one another.

To The Moon

So Many Feels

After playing To the Moon, I know I want to find a love as true and as innocent as theirs. Yet not as lost as theirs was. This video game changed my perspective on life, it showed me that not all true love stories are perfect, yet you have to always keep putting effort into them to make it last. Even though Johnny’s and River’s relationship felt one sided, it truly wasn’t. River just didn’t know how to express it due to her disibility.

To the Moon is still one of my favorite game out there. If you are looking for a game with an excellent story, this game would be amazing for you.

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