Thoughts on Stranger Things on Netflix

Stranger Things on Netflix

For a while, I had been seeing things everywhere about how good Stranger Things is. I first wanted to finish Black Mirror before I started another addicting show, which is exactly what I did. Little did I realize that Stranger Things would suck me in for 8 hours straight.

The Show

The eighties were great. You didn’t have to worry about social media as a kid, and you could stay in your parents basement for hours at a time playing Dungeons and Dragons. Kids really didn’t have a care in the world back then. They were allowed to be kids, well… Not these kids in Stranger Things.

One night after an intense session of D&D, 12 year old Will Byers disappeared on his way home from his friend Mike’s house without a trace. However, Mike the rest of their D&D group, Dustin and Lucas, knew that Will was still out there, and so did Will’s mother. Things get stranger when Mike runs into a girl whose head is shaved, and doesn’t really speak. She has 011 tattooed on her wrist and calls herself Eleven. Mike called her El for short.

Little does Mike and the gang know, that everything is connected. El, Will’s disappearance, strange things happening, government entities and disappearances in the forest. It gets pretty intense and scary in bits.

The Feels

Well, like I said, I watched the whole season in one sitting and it was more than worth it. Darn you Netflix for eating up my Saturday! The whole story line is intriguing. At first, it seems like a typical 80’s show, yet it developed into something scary and freaky. However, the whole time I wanted more of the story. I needed to know more.

On top of that, I loved the fact that Winona Ryder is in this show. She’s a great actress, and played Joyce Byers amazingly to the point where she was one of my favorite characters. I love the characters who everyone believes is crazy, but it turns out they were right the entire time. Plus, I really liked El. Her story is so interesting and I just really want to know more about her, why she doesn’t really talk and all that. I need to know more.

However, Stranger Things doesn’t return until July. So, I have to hold off on that. However, if you like 80’s shows, you’d love Stranger Things. It’s pretty magical.

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