Thoughts on Sense8 on Netflix


Lately, Netflix has consumed at least one of my weekend days for the past two weeks. This time, I decided to try Sense8, a show I hadn’t heard much about. Yet, there were mostly positive reviews. Well, I see why people loved it now.

The Show

Sense8 is about eight people from different parts of the world, who find they have a psychic connection to each other. This only happened after a woman named Angelica make the psychic connection for them. Unfortunately, Angelica had to kill herself after their psychic powers were fully awaken to protect them.

Thus, there are eight different people who are able to go into each other’s heads and control each other’s bodies at any given whim. There’s Will, a cop from Chicago, Nomi a transgender female who is also a hacker in San Francisco, Riley a DJ from Iceland, Kala a scientist in Bombay, Wolfgang a mobster in Berlin, Capheus a bus driver in Africa, Sun a businesswoman from Seoul, and Lito an actor from Mexico. However, none of these people have met in person, yet they are all connected.

However, when you have a power out there like this, other’s fear it or want exploit it. The further the show progresses we see just how much danger each and every one of these characters are in.

The Feels

I have fallen for each and every one of these characters in Sense8. Admittedly, I love the fact that every one of them has their own different special power that helps each other out when needed. I have to say that my favorite characters are a tie between Sun and Lito.

Sun is a woman who was always neglected by her father, but chose to save her father and her brother from a scandal that her brother had caused. Yet, when her father finally realized what he had done and was going to fix it, her brother killed him and tried to kill her as well. Yet, she remains strong and determined to take revenge on her brother.

Then there’s Lito. Lito, is totally adorable and totally gay. However after loosing the one thing he loved most, he was able to man up. Plus with the help of Wolfgang, was able to save his friend. This show may have a ton of characters, but I really think it’s being executed well. I totally can’t wait for May when the second season comes out.

In all, if you enjoy Science Fiction with some drama and mystery, you may enjoy Sense8. Mind you, there are some not safe for children moments, like with sex and violence, but I totally recommend it for someone looking for a fun, intense story.


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