Thoughts on NieR:Automata so far

Thoughts on NieR:Automata so far

Recently I celebrated my birthday and one of my gifts was NieR:Automata. I was so excited to try out this female robot game and play past the demo. Here are my thoughts on NieR:Automata, since I’m only part way through this game.

The Game

The demo for NieR:Automata was actually the beginning of this game, before the actual story started. You play as 2B, an android who is used by the humans to fight the robots controlled by an alien species. This alien species attacked Earth long ago, forcing humans to take shelter around the orbit of Earth. The humans created androids to fight the aliens on their behalf. Yet, there are humans still on Earth who call themselves the Resistance, who help fight alongside the androids. You come to Earth to kill the robots and to find the invading aliens, who have been silent for quite some time.  

However, the more you dig into this story the more things don’t seem to add up. There are good robots and bad robots. Ones who will try to kill you and ones who are peaceful and just want to live their lives. Then, there are androids who have left their post and are considered traitors.This has lead me to believe that maybe 2B is not on the right side. I haven’t fully discovered this yet.

The Feels

Yes, this game made a sexy female robot as the main character, when they didn’t have to. However, I enjoy looking at pretty things so it didn’t really bother me. They have characters like Jackass, a female resistance fighter, to balance her out. On top of that, this game is really pretty in parts, but at the same time it’s really confusing.

I don’t have a clue what’s going on, except for the aliens are dead and there’s two Sephiroth-looking, robot-born-things wanting to take over Earth. Also, that I can’t trust my upper command since they won’t tell me why other androids are defecting and going rogue. I’m also confused by the fact that they’re suppose to be androids, but show a ton of emotion. I feel as though I can only trust the robot Pasquel and some members of the Resistance. Anyways, last I played I lost 2B’s partner 9S and have to go looking for him. We will see where he ended up and if he is okay.

Overall, I’m enjoying this game. You can completely customize 2B’s operating system and add in and subtract certain things in the menu section. Plus, I really love the small quests for the peaceful robot village. One was escorting a child robot back to his mother, which showed that these robots kind of have similar emotions to humans. I’m really excited to see where this story goes.

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