Thoughts on Fire Emblem Awakening So Far

Thoughts on Fire Emblem Awakening So Far

Around a month ago, I started Fire Emblem Awakening on the 3DS. As I progress through the game, I can’t help but fall for it. These are my thoughts on Fire Emblem Awakening so far.

The Game

Since my last review on Fire Emblem Awakening, a lot has happened. Chrom and company have made an alliance with those north of Ylisse called the Feroxi, to try to take down Plegia. However, Emmeryn was captured and was to be executed unless Chrom saved her. Unfortunately, Emmeryn saw no other way to bring peace to the two countries and killed herself to end this war.

Chrom and company had to kill the mad king of Plegia, but then there was peace. Luckily, because I was so dead set on my character marrying Chrom, they got married and had baby Lucina. Two years later though, things start to fall apart as the Valmese Empire to the west across the sea had decided to invade Ferox.

No one except for Plegia has ships, thus Chrom asks the new king of Plegia for help in defending Ferox, Plegia and Ylisse. The new king is a man named Validar, and he agreed to supply money and ships to Ferox and Ylisse. Yet, he then revealed a woman who might be my character’s twin sister. Later, my character discovers she is Validar’s daughter.

However, that is pushed aside for now since Chrom’s army is outnumbered. Luckily, my character has devised a plan to taking down the entire army. That’s where I’ve gotten so far. Oh, and the time traveler who called herself Marth is actually Chrom’s daughter Lucina. She traveled from a future where the evil dragon Grima was revived and destroyed their country. That’s what Lucina is trying to stop.

The Feels

The support system has got to be my most favorite thing in this game. I LIVE for the support conversations that the characters have. So far I have Chrom and female Robin, my character married. Stahl and Cordelia, and Kellam and Miriel married. I’m working on Olivia and Lon’qu getting together. They bond really well over the fact that they’re both from Ferox. Lissa I’ve decided to pair up with Frederick. I’m also thinking of pairing up Tharja with Gregor or Henry, but I’m totally going to be placing her next to Robin to get those scenes. Just because Tharja is obsessed. Henry scares me a bit. That’s the pairings I have figured out so far.

I just love the fact that you can actually pair up characters. I also love how the characters can level up and change class with the Master Seals. I’ve only done that with my character, Lon’qu and Chrom. I just love how their little characters and clothes change. They also become pretty strong.

Overall, I mostly love this game for the characters. Honestly, if I could I would marry all of my characters to Stahl. But there is only one Stahl and Cordelia won my heart for him. Anyways, this game is awesome and I’m loving it. I can’t wait to find out what happens… and to marry all of my characters together.

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