Thomas Was Alone Indie Game Review

Thomas Was Alone

When I first played Thomas Was Alone,  it was at a point in my life where I really needed to feel something other than complete and utter loneliness. During that time, I was feeling horrible about everything that had happened in my life. I had two relationships fall apart with people I considered family. Even though I knew that in the end, I would have a happier healthier life, I still was stricken with grief. Luckily, I had found this game.


The Game (Story)

Thomas Was Alone is a game about a small orange rectangle that had always been alone. There was no one around. That was until one day when he started to move forward. It was then that he found himself in the company of others. Although, each one of these shapes he came into contact with had their own mistrusts and insecurities. It was when they started working together when each of them started to find that they had their own individual unique ability.

Sadly, nothing went as smooth as you would have liked with these shapes and their feelings. Some of them felt horrible about themselves and their abilities. Meanwhile, one believed that they were just being used by others. Another just hated them all. Some of them even thought they were the best of their ability but were inevitably knocked down off of their pedestals when someone who could do it better came along.

Yet, as they went along looking for their specific portals to go to the next level, they all had to learn that they needed to rely on and help each other to move forward throughout the levels. As you continue on and on, all the different shapes learn how to work, trust and rely on one another. Which is a super sweet.

The Feels

In the end, I learned that I wasn’t alone. Even though most of my friends had decided to choose sides, I did still have people who loved and cared for me. Those who were willing to help, if I just let them. Just like Thomas the more I moved forward with life, the more I found other people like me. When Thomas and the others worked together, they got what they needed. Above all, I learned that I needed to rely on the help that others were offering me, and this aided me immensely. At the time, I was struggling, now I’m better off and stronger for it.

I really enjoyed Thomas Was Alone, not for the game play but for the story. If you’re feeling depressed and lonely, please play this game. It helped me out so much, and it could hopefully help you out as well.

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