Thing-in-Itself an Indie Game Review


Philosophy has never been a strong suit of mine. However, I’m always glad to explore uncharted waters. That’s kind of how I felt while playing the indie game, Thing-in-Itself.

The Game

In Thing-in-Itself, you meet two characters, Ted and Molly. At first, everything seems to be alright.¬†They had just returned from party where the music was terrible. When Ted was questioning Molly’s friend’s choice of music, she brings up Immanuel Kant’s philosophy on “thing in itself.” Essentially, it states that yes, a thing does it exist, however every person’s perception of it can be different.

Yet, the next day Molly ends up flaking on their plans. She then breaks up with Ted over voicemail, asking for understanding and that he goes on and lives his life. However, for anyone who has been broken up with, that’s not what people do. Instead they get angry and find different ways to lash out. Ted’s perception changes. At first, his world becomes angry. Yet, the next morning everything falls apart. You’ll see what I mean when you play the game.

The Feels

Overall, I believe that the creators were trying to prove their point with the “thing in itself” concept. While Ted was freaking out over this situation, Molly saw it from a different perspective. When Ted saw everything as perfect, Molly evidently did not. There were good times, however this is not the life she wants to live.

Yet, she gave Ted no heads up. He was hit with a freight train that ran him over once again with the death of Henry. Of course his perception of this even would be that his world is falling apart.

Either way, I would suggest this game for someone whose interested in psychology or philosophy, or for someone who is still struggling with a breakup. Just to show them that there may be a different perspective to their situation. Either way, Thing-in-Itself averages around 15 minutes and is a pretty interesting game.

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