The Lion’s Song Indie Game Review

The Lion’s Song

Ever been creatively frustrated to the point where you were at a block and couldn’t get anything out? That’s the story of a girl named Wilma in The Lion’s Song.

The Lion's Song

The Game

In the beginning of The Lion’s Song, you see two stories. The story of a young man who is off by train to Vienna, leaving his parents for the first time, and his sister Wilma who had already left on the same train to Vienna before him. We don’t know what has become of this young man, but we find what has become of his sister.

Wilma is a talented musician composing her own music, whom has fallen head over heals for her instructor. However, when she has a creative block, is when her instructor has signed her up for her biggest concert yet. In order to inspire Wilma to make her most amazing composition yet, he sends her away to his cabin deep in the Alps.

There, Wilma has to overcome her writers block, yet ends up making a friendship she didn’t realize she needed. On top of that, she discovers other things about herself that keeps her going. Luckily she also stops pining over her instructor.

The Lion's Song

The Feels

Although this game was a click and point, I really enjoyed myself. Typically, I’m not a of he click and point types. On top of that, the story was intriguing. I’ve felt that creative block before, where everything irritated me and nothing inspired me. However, my favorite parts were when Wilma received a call from someone she’s never met before. He was her muse and the bright light at the end of the tunnel. The ear for her to realize how she was drowning herself.

Either way, when you play it can be a different experience than what I had. For me, at first Wilma was frustrated, but she was able to find peace in this scary storm though her friend on the phone. I loved that. Also, the first episode is free!

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