The Lego Batman Movie Review

The Lego Batman Movie Review

Admittedly, I am a huge fan of kids movies. Kids movies are happy and always give a positive message. Plus, they’re fun. I’m also a huge fan of Batman. Thus, this is my The Lego Batman Movie review.

The Story

Everything is awesome for our hero, the lego Batman (voiced by Will Arnett). Batman always saves the day in Gotham, and goes home to a lobster dinner. People LOVE Batman. Yes, this is the same lego Batman from The Lego Movie. Yet, Batman always feels like there is something missing, though he won’t admit to it.

On top of that, the Joker is feeling that there is something missing as well. Joker wishes to be told that he is Batman’s number one arch nemesis, which Batman refuses to do. On top of that, Commissioner Gordon was retiring and his daughter, Barbara was taking over. Barbara, didn’t believe that the city needed Batman.

During the retirement ceremony for Jim Gordon where Barbara was announced as the new Commissioner, Joker took this opportunity to turn himself in and the rest of the evil villains. He did this to show Batman that he needs the Joker to be his arch nemesis. From there, Batman gets himself into trouble and realizes that maybe, he does need help and thus fills his void. Plus he accidentally adopts Dick Grayson.

The Feels

When Dick Grayson introduced himself on the screen, I told my friend “That’s Nightwing”. My friend, a not-so-much-into-superheros guy had no clue what I was saying. He only knows that I had a hoodie that I kept telling him was a Nightwing hoodie. So when tiny lego Dick Grayson jumped into the Nightwing super suit, I was beyond excited. I also told him that Barbara Gordon was Batgirl and that happened as well. Totally awesome.

Plus, The Lego Batman Movie has something for everyone. It’s humorous, entertaining and filled with different things related to pop culture. Like their little “British Robots”. I laughed so hard at the fact that Daleks had invaded The Lego Batman Movie. For those of you who don’t know, Daleks are from Doctor Who. Which you should watch. I suggest starting from the series that came out in 2006, which is technically the 9th Doctor. Also, Lord Voldemort and dinosaurs from Jurassic Park had also invaded The Lego Batman Movie.

Either way, I really enjoyed The Lego Batman Movie. It was funny, good story lineĀ and a fan service to people like me. Totally a movie worth watching.

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