The Last Tree Mobile Indie Game Review

The Last Tree

I was recently introduced to a new mobile game that was released this past Tuesday to phones everywhere. This game is called, The Last Tree.

The Game

In The Last Tree, you play the literal last tree in existence on the planet earth, sometime in the near future. Your survival is key. However since you are the last tree, you are wanted dead or alive with a high price on your head. It doesn’t really matter to those who are hunting you, just as long as they can put you in a little glass case for display.

The Last Tree is a 2D endless runner where time slows down when you move this little tree. From there, you have to avoid all the humaniods who are trying to hunt you down and capture/kill you. You can avoid by jumping over them.

The Feels

For those who enjoy mobile games, this could be a fun game for you or for your children. It’s a free runner, so fairly simple mechanics that anyone can enjoy anywhere. Especially when you’re waiting for something and only have your phone. Plus, this little game also promotes rain forest conservation. Deforestation is still happening in our world, which is pretty devastating to the ecosystems. What would we do without trees?

Either way, The Last Tree is a cute little game that anyone of any age could enjoy on their mobile device. You can play it on iOS for $.99 and will be available on Windows and Android come January.

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