Tangledeep Early Access Indie Game Review

Tangledeep Early Access Indie Game Review

Are you looking for a new dungeon crawler to check out? How about one that just came out for early access on Steam? I highly suggest you check out Tangledeep.

The Game

Tangledeep is a 16-bit dungeon crawler where everything, including the movements, is turn based. You play a character who lives in an underground village. This character becomes inspired to go into the Tangledeep, an ever-changing labyrinth to try to reach the surface. When you start the game, there are two different modes that you can choose from while playing Tangledeep. Heroic, where when you die its permadeath, and Adventurous which returns you to the village when you die. From there,  you are able to choose between 9 different jobs which include a Sword Dancer and a Gambler. After you choose, you begin to discover how you use your character and enter the Tangledeep. 

Each move you make, including attack and healing moves, will move the enemies that are in the labyrinth of Tangledeep. There are several different monsters I had encountered while playing this game, and I expect more to pop up the further I go. Beware, some of them have elemental moves. Luckily you are warned before it strikes you. Continue through the labyrinth to find items, gold and to hopefully someday reach the surface.

The Feels

Tangledeep is definitely a fun dungeon crawler that I would find myself playing again and again. I really love the details in the characters that you can choose from, and had to go with the magician. For a game that is in early access, it really is polished. The game mechanics are different to what I am used to, but at the same time are easy to learn and fun to play. On top of that, the music is beautiful.

I would totally recommend this game to my friends, especially the ones who like the character building aspect of Dungeons & Dragons. Tangledeep is a unique experience and I’m excited to play more.

For more info: http://www.tangledeep.com/

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