Super Win the Game, Indie Game Review

Super Win the Game

I was looking for a game that wouldn’t take too much thought to it. So I ended up stumbling upon Super Win the Game. Seeing as though I had issues talking today to a bank teller, such as completing a sentence all together, I needed something simple.

Super Win the Game

The Game

In Super Win the Game, you play in  a world that is full of nostalgia. The game even comes fitted to a TV screen in your own computer screen. You play a character who has to collect keys to go though doors to collect treasure. On top of that, there are also several mini adventures to go on and complete as well. It’s an expansive world that the player can go in and explore.

As the player goes forward in the game, they learn new things and can try little mini games. There are even areas in this game that kind of feels like you’re playing Super Mario Brothers.

Super Win the Game

The Feels

Super Win the Game is totally suppose to feel like an old Retro RPG game, and it completed it objective with me. I felt as though I was playing one of the earlier Final Fantasy video games, except for this time it wasn’t on a Game Boy Color. It was on my fancy computer. It was a cute little game that thankfully was able to help me unwind from a stressful day. Though, if you talked to me, I still wouldn’t be able to complete a sentence.

Either way, if you’re looking for an old school adventure, Super Win the Game is a cute little indie game that will surely send you down the path of nostalgia.

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