Super Hexagon Indie Game Review

Super Hexagon:

This weekend I played Super Hexagon. I had decided to play it since I was challenged to see how long I could last without puking. I played it for as long as I could and quite frankly, I’m weak. I admit I do get motion sickness easily… This game totally falls into the category of things that makes motion sick.

super hexagon

The Game:

In Super Hexagon, you are a small triangle trying not to get hit by the lines that are forming to make a hexagon. Everything is spinning and you’re trying to avoid the lines and escape the shapes that essentially blast towards you.

While playing this game I’ve found that I had to move to the beat of the music, or at least that helped me last a few more seconds. Maybe I’m crazy, though I felt that the music matched up sometimes with the ever-changing patterns, when the tempo goes up or down for the music. I’m probably crazy. Yeah, we’re going to go with crazy.

super hexagon

The Feels:

In all, the longest I’ve lasted at playing this stupid hard game was 9.15 seconds. I may have tried it at least 20 times before I got so dizzy that I had to crawl onto the couch and try not to loose my lunch.

However, even though this game is super difficult and bad for my motion sickness issues, I loved the music. The music is so much fun to listen to. It reminds me of a mix of old video games that were enhanced by techno that includes anvawesome beat. I could listen to these songs all day.

Quite frankly, Terry Cavanagh who also created VVVVVV, is super talented when it comes to designing super difficult yet addicting games. Even though I really didn’t enjoy having motion sickness, I really appreciate the difficult-ness of it. It’s probably the flashing colors that got to me as well.

If you’re looking for a super difficult, super addicting game try Super Hexagon! It was nominated for an award at IGF for excellence in design for a reason.

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