Her Story an Indie Game Review *spoilers*

Her Story

I have  been meaning to play Her Story after it dominated at the IGF Awards at GDC 2016. Award after award it won, and I knew that I really needed to play it. Well, I’m glad I did.

Her Story

The Game

In Her Story, the player goes though a database of videos that are all involving a woman being interrogated about the disappearance of her husband in 1994. The player has to search though these videos via keywords. This displays a maximum of five videos per each keyword at a time. You have to get creative with your keywords to unlock more of the story.

At first, the woman in the videos seems like a concerned wife. Yet, as you go further it is nothing but a facade. It actually opens up into a world of crazy. Nothing prepared me for the story that unfolded as I ventured forward.

Her Story

The Feels

*Spoilers ahead*, you have been warned. There are too many feels about thing that happened in this game that I can’t keep it to myself.

At first, I had guessed that the woman in the videos had killed her husband Simon. I though it was out of jealous rage over the bar maid or that he had been cheating. Yet, I was completely wrong.  This woman is flat out crazy.

Some of the stories she tells are of her and her best friend Eve. According to the woman who eventually said her name is Hannah, Eve and her were born the same day. Yet as they grew up, Eve lived in the attic. The more “Hannah” talks, the more I realized that she has Dissociative Identity Disorder. It’s evident  that she shares two seperate identities, Eve and Hannah who are sisters. On top of that, she was obsessed with fairy tales and felt like she was a trapped princess like Rapunzel.

Yet, that’s only part of what had happened. She tells the police that her and Simon, were forced into marriage because she got pregnant. She wanted to name the child Sarah, but says that she lost the child eight months in.

Her Story

Yet, poor Simon lost his life because he gave his wife a mirror. She couldn’t bare to see her reflection and she broke the mirror and slit his throat. More than likely because of the Dissociative Identity Disorder. She at first told a good story though. About how after Simon disappeared she found his body in bags in the cellar because she noticed that the boxes were moved. She even questioned how someone would have done that without her noticing. Yet the truth came out.

On top of that, I also believe she killed her parents as well who died the year she got pregnant and lost the baby. Why? I’m not so sure. Probably because she felt as though she was trapped living in the attic like Rapunzel. How did she kill them? She did it by poisoning them with a deadly mushroom called a Death Cap. She told a tale of how she didn’t understand why her father would have accidentally eaten Death Caps, as she slept upstairs in the attic. How she she felt so bad since she was sleeping  so hard that she didn’t hear her parents puking that night. I really think she did hear them.

Yet, the real mystery or the major spoiler isn’t all of the above. It’s the fact that the player whose watching these videos is Sarah, trying to figure out why her mother did what she did. Which, I almost fell out of my chair over. I never expected that, not in a million years. I was completly blown away.

Overall, holy crap. I totally get why Her Story won all those awards. This game is amazing. Just to see it unfold as it did, it’s brilliant. I highly enjoyed playing this game and am still astounded how well everything came together for it.

For more information: http://www.herstorygame.com/

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