Steven Universe Season 3 Geek Out Pt 1

Steven Universe Season 3

Okay, I know I do a lot of video game reviews, but sometimes I have to geek out about other things. Deep down, I’m a huge geek and love a variety of different things in the pop culture spectrum. Which¬†includes kids shows like Steven Universe. This past weekend I FINALLY got the chance to catch up on Steven Universe Season 3. I know, I’m still behind on Season 4.

Geek Out

Season 3 revealed a lot of different things in this whole world where there are invading gems. Steven got Lapis Lazuli to finally stay on the Earth since she has no where to else to go. It turns out that Lapis is pretty much a angst ridden teenager who is thousands of years old angry at the universe for what had happened to her. Turns out that she was on Earth exploring and got caught up in the rebellion. She was mistaken for a member of the rebellion and was poof-ed. Then trapped in a mirror by the other home world gems. She takes all this anger out on the crystal gems.

Steven Universe Season 3

Steven being his good natured self, took Lapis to the family farm where he hoped her and Peridot would get along. I couldn’t help but laugh since Perry is just such a goof. She’s so smart, yet is always looking for the approval of others. She never thought she could do anything except for have brains and turns out, she’s able to control metal. A little bit. Comes in handy when they have to fight Jasper. Even though Lapis is a total emo kid, Peridot is able to weasel into her heart and they bond over the show Camp Pining Hearts.

Steven Universe Season 3

Okay, evidently I have a lot to geek about since I’ve only geeked out about Lapiz Lazuli and Peridot when their character developments are only just a small bit to what had happened. I’ll be back with geek out 2 soon.

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