Steven Universe Season 3 Geek Out Part 2

Steven Universe

I’m still geeking out about Season 3 of Steven Universe. Of all the things to geek out about, I’m geeking out about things that were reviled. Between Lapis dealing with getting out of the abusive relationship between her and Jasper, and Amethyst being horribly moody about being defective, it was awesome to see more of the backstory developed.

Steven Universe

Geek Out

Bismuth was introduced in this season. OMG WHHHHAT? I mean, an original Chrystal Gem? There were more besides just Rose and Pearl? I mean, whhhhhhat?! I want to know who else was a Chrystal Gem! However that’s not the part I’m geeking out most about when it comes to Season 3. It’s what Bismuth brought to light.

Bismuth was poof-ed and bubbled by Rose, since Bismuth was out to shatter enemy gems back during the war. There’s even beliefs that Bismuth was the one who got to Lapis, poof-ing and damaging her. However, Bismuth claims she wasn’t the first Chrystal Gem to actually want to or actually shatter another gem. She claimed that Rose Quartz had actually shattered a gem before.

It’s not until the Rubies come looking for Jasper, that Steven finds out the truth about his mother. There have been several fan theories out there that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond. However now… *spoilers* It has been said that Pink Diamond was indeed shattered by Rose Quartz. Which blew me away.

Steven Universe

Rose Quartz, the leader of the rebellion was truthfully a quartz, born on Earth. Not a Diamond. Yet she killed her Diamond, more than likely saving the Earth from the Diamond’s retaliation, but still. She shattered a gem. It’s so sad, yet I want to know more and more!

On top of that, Jasper was born on Earth even though she’s happy to destroy it. She used to belong to Pink Diamond, but now that Pink Diamond is gone, she now belongs to Yellow Diamond. We also learned that if a gem fuses with a corrupted gem they also become corrupted. Also, we learned that it was a curse from the Diamonds that created all the corrupted gems. More than likely out of retaliation for the death of Pink Diamond.

Either way, I NEED TO KNOW! Alright, there will be a marathon this weekend of the Season 4. I can’t wait, I NEED TO KNOW!

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