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Stardew Valley

I decided to play Stardew Valley recently. Back when it first came out, my other half was addicted so I figured I could give it a shot. I’m hooked.

I have to admit, I may have spent an entire day playing this highly addicting game. From 7am to 830pm I was planting and harvesting crops while trying to play by the rules of this relaxing game. 

Stardew Valley

The Game

Stardew Valley is about a character that inherits a farm from their grandfather. It is to be used when their life needs a dramatic change. This happens to the character that you build. For me, I based this character’s looks off of myself.

This character was working a dead end job and they decide to take their grandfather’s last wishes and move forward with it. So basically, you inherit a bunch of land that needs to be worked that will eventually lead to a profit.

It’s hard work. However, on top of surviving this new life you have fallen into, you also have to make friends with the local towns folk. By getting to know them, you start to build friendships and maybe something more. On top of that, there’s mysterious things going on at the old Community Center.

Stardew Valley

The Feels

I’m super addicted. At first, it was trying to survive and grow my farm and my gold count. Yet now, I’m more addicted to trying to get everyone to like me. So far, in the three days and countless hours I’ve played, I’ve managed to at least get everyone to a one heart level with me. Some, *cough* Alex *cough* Maru *cough* Emily *cough* I’ve managed to get to four hearts.

On top of that, I’ve reached my first day of fall. It’s such a relaxing game that pulls you in and so far was hard to let go of. The only thing that so far doesn’t relax me is the mine shaft where you have to fight enemies. Yet, this is how I get my pretty things.

Either way, this will be the first of several blogs coming out on this seemingly simple yet highly addictive indie game. I totally am in love with it.

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