Starbound Revisited

Starbound Revisited

This past weekend, I spent a majority of my time playing Starbound with a few of my friends. Even though we had already played and beat this game, those friends were wanting to revisit this sandbox, side-scrolling adventure. These are my Starbound Revisited thoughts.


When you go to game’s page in the Steam store, you can find the Community Hub button. From there you can find discussions, screenshots, fan art and so much more from your favorite games. Yet some Community Hubs have a special little button called Workshop. In Workshop, you can find fan created content to add to your game. 

There are things like new weapons, backgrounds, mechs, songs to add to musical instruments and so much more. So far, there are 3,252 items posted in the Workshop. However, when you download those items, be sure to backup your saved files for previous characters.

The Feels

I’m so glad my friend discovered these fan made additions to Starbound. It made revisiting the game so much more fun and unique. There was even a whole new world we found in the workshop items. My favorite thing would have to be the expanded song list for the musical instruments.

If you didn’t know, you can find guitars, a microphone and other random musical instruments in this game. This was even original content. Yet, fans added more songs into the song bank. Some of these songs are even from anime and TV shows. I was most excited for the Gravity Falls theme song. I just recently watched that show and it is amazing.

If anything, Starbound is a lot of fun. Click here for my earlier blog about this wonderful game. However, the workshops create even more of a unique experience. These fans are amazing and so creative.

For the link to Starbound Workshops:

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