Slay the Spire on Steam Greenlight

Slay the Spire on Steam Greenlight

Are you looking for a new game to help get approved for Steam Greenlight? If you are, then I highly suggest you check out this rogue-like, deck-building game called Slay the Spire. Plus, they need your help!

The Game

In Slay the Spire, you are ascending an evil living tower. By collecting different cards, potions, and ancient relics, you can build your ultimate and unique deck to fight your way to the top.

This game starts off with you choosing a character and choosing where you would like to start. From there, you fight enemies with attack or defensive cards. Also, like any deck-building game,  using these cards uses up energy. In this case, you start off with 3 energy at a time. Yet, you can use all this energy before you end your turn, since this energy is replenished at the beginning of your next turn. Also, new cards are drawn each time you play.

The Feels

I really liked the art in Slay the Spire. It reminds me of art from Dungeons and Dragons. I was able to try the demo and it plays very smoothly and was quite impressive for a demo. The demo felt polished and for me, there were no glitches. I can’t wait to see what the finished product is.

If you like deck-building games, this one will be more than worth to try. However, they still need your help. Slay the Spire is still trying to get approval for Steam Greenlight.

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