Serenity Forge “Healing” Game Jam

Serenity Forge Game Jam

This past weekend, Serenity Forge hosted a game jam that was open to the public. For three days, contestants from around the world were glued to their computers as they created a game around the theme of “healing.” Though all of this, thirty-two games were created, and are currently open and available to anyone to play and vote on.

Game Jams are exciting to see, or at least they are to me. It’s awesome to see people working on something that they’re passionate and excited about. Each one of them trying to create that perfect game that could lead to something bigger. What was so amazing about this game jam though, is that there were hundreds of game developers from all around the world, all creating and competing in this one. I got a chance to stop by the Serenity Forge headquarters on Saturday to drop off some food for the developers. Even though they were already tired, they were still determined and eager.

On top of that, this game jam had support from from the organizations Take This and IGDA Serious Games SIG. Take This, is an organization that I highly admire. They focus on mental heath issues, and sponsor rooms of peacefulness and quiet for people to relax or get help at at different conventions. They focus on suicide prevention, which is awesome since there are many people who may need it. I’m so happy that there were  thirty-two submissions that were all turned. Especially since they were centered around the theme of healing.

To Vote

Those thirty-two submissions are now up to download from here. Also to vote on these game go here.

It’s going to be a few busy days for me as I’m trying to play all of these new mini games. It’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait.

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