Sense8 Season 2 Review

Sense8 Season 2

Sense8 Season 2 recently came out on Netflix and instantly my life was taken over once again by this show. It is by far one of my favorite shows on Netflix and I was so happy that the second season was finally released. Here are my freak outs and geek outs over this new season.

Season Review

Season 2 was essentially a cat and mouse game between our favorite cluster and the one they call Whispers. The more that the cluster began digging into Whispers and the organization BPO, the more they found they were not alone. At first it was a tug of war game between Will and Whispers, finding which one would be able to discover the other’s location first. Luckily, with the help of the rest of his cluster he was finally able to get one up on Whispers. They found an ally in BPO who introduced them to blockers, which will help them hide from hunters like Whispers. Unfortunately, Whispers killed that one ally and tried to blame it on Will.

Not only that, they started to find more clusters like their own. Riley held a concert to try to draw out Whispers and BPO, but at the same time found more sensates like herself. One in particular called himself the Old Man of Hoy, played by Sylvester McCoy. For all you Doctor Who fans, he played the seventh Doctor and for all you Hobbit fans, he played Radagast. I’ve met him once. He was so sweet and absolutely adorable. Can you imagine how loud I fangirled over seeing Sylvester in this?

Anyways, the Old Man of Hoy, after finally trusting Riley was able to give Riley some valuable information. BPO wasn’t always hinting sensates, they were founded to protect sensates. However corruption happened and they started turning sensates into Whisper’s own private zombie army. Also, the rest of the sensate community calls Whispers, the Cannibal. Either way, Old Man of Hoy put Riley into contact with someone who could help them track down Whispers.

During this time, we assumed that Jonas was lobotomized however he wasn’t. Instead he was to be the leash on Whispers, and eyes for the evil ones at BPO. Right when Will was going to get Whispers at his own home, Jonas warned BPO and they evacuated Whispers and his family.

They thought that they had Whispers on the run until Whispers found Wolfgang and was trying to extract the cluster information out of Wolfgang. That’s when the entire cluster headed to London and formulated a plan where they ended up kidnapping both Jonas and Whispers as collateral for Wolfgang. That’s where the season ended.

The Characters

Of course, there was a lot more that happened in this season. Each one of the characters had their own problems. Will struggled to get off of heroin after blockers were introduced, however when his father died Will needed a pick me up. Luckily Riley was there so Will got to see his father one last time. Riley didn’t have much drama this season, she was mostly taking care of Will.

Kala was struggling with her marriage. She at first thought she was going to make it work with her husband, but when she caught Rajan in a lie at work she didn’t know what to trust anymore. All she knew is that she loves Wolfgang and wants nothing more to be with him. However Rajan got himself involved in something and had decided to send Kala away to Paris for her safety. Kala finally knew she could take this time to be with Wolfgang. Yet, that’s when Wolfie was taken.

Wolfgang on the other hand ended up meeting a sensate who was working for another king of Berlin. At first, Lila this new sensate was all over Wolfgang but all she wanted was to take over Berlin. If Wolfgang didn’t join her then he was against her. He didn’t join her, so she was the one who ended up telling Whispers about him.

Nomi however was trying to get her life back. Luckily, Bug got her into contact with someone who could fully erase her off of all the databases. They called it death. Nomi accepted it, and instantly the warrants and any data on her were erased from all databases. She was dead on the internet but she was free.

Nomi was even able to attend her sister’s wedding. Though, Agent Bendix came and tried to arrest Nomi. When Amanita asked Bendix to see the warrant, there was no warrant and for once in Nomi’s life, her father stood up for her against Bendix and called her his daughter. Probably one of the happiest moments in Nomi’s life. The next was when she and Amanita at the same time proposed to each other.

Capheus on the other hand met a journalist who at first was trying to embarrass him. Instead, he made her fall in love with him. He was contact by political people who wanted him to run for office in his area to try to make a difference in his country. Which, after much deliberation he decided to run for office. He also met some people from his hometown who were sensates as well. Naturally when you try to correct the corrupt, people try to kill you.

Lito however after being outed as gay, tried to pull his life back together. He may have been let go from his agency, but he found a new family in the gay community and was finally starting to become proud that he was gay. Him, Hernando and Dani moved in with each other and have been inseparable. Also thanks to Dani, Lito was casted in a Hollywood film. Dream come true, finally. Lito spend most of this season crying into his ice cream.

Sun however after her brother once again tried to kill her, was able to escape from prison. A detective came looking for her, and it happened to be the last boy she fought in competition before he father made her quit. She was able to escape but he found her once again at her parent’s grave. He told her that he believed that she was innocent in all of this, but was looking for evidence against her brother. They fought again, and Sun was able to escape. But Detective Mun wasn’t going to give up.

Sun then planned her revenge on her brother. He was hosting an event where she became one of the bar tenders. Luckily, Lito was able to help her with that. Yet when she finally was going to go exact her revenge, Detective Mun came in with a warrant. Unfortunately Sun’s brother shot Mun and she had to go after her brother. In the end, Sun was re-arrested after sparing her brother’s life. Luckily she was saved by one of Riley’s contacts, another sensate. Mun survived but Sun’s brother got away with it, so far. Yet, everything was put on hold when Wolfgang was kidnapped.

The Feels

So much happened in this season. However, the more I watch the more I know my heart would break so bad if any one of these characters died. Each one of them has wiggled their way into my heart and I just want to hold onto them. It is amazing that 8 different people from 8 different places could hold onto your heart like that. I love them all so much.

This show also makes you so scared of Whispers. Never have I been that afraid of a character before, but the fact that they have him now kind of scares me even more. What if they have a gps device on him? Same with Jonas! Also, Wolfgang! I hope they can get him out alright! Why did they have to leave it off on a cliffhanger like this?! At least last season Will and Riley were running away together! GAW! This show and the feels! I really hope that Wolfgang is okay and that Sun finally gets to hook up with Mun and gets her revenge on her brother! I really hope this comes back soon. This show is amazing. I love Sense8.

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