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Sailor Moon Crystal

I love Sailor Moon Crystal. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved Sailor Moon. She was a flawed character who can pull it together when needed to save the day. I’ve loved her long before I knew what anime was.

Sailor Moon Crystal

Geek Out

So when I found out that they created Sailor Moon Crystal, I was super excited to watch this. I had even tried to get though all of the old episodes before I stared it. That didn’t happen. However I’ve tried my best to keep up when Hulu releases the new episodes.

Recently I caught up on the most recent season of Sailor Moon Crystal that had been released. Let’s just say, I’m still in love with this show. Usagi has grown so much throughout the seasons, even though she still cries a lot. Now it’s mostly over the people she loves, so it’s tolerable.

Sailor Moon Crystal

I have to say though, I’m super excited for the way Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were introduced. Uranus is strong who identifies herself as both a man and a woman. Neptune is beautiful and looks fragile but really isn’t. Then there’s Pluto who we thought was dead and turns out she’s been alive this entire time. I freaked out when she appeared in this time frame, I love Pluto. I wasn’t expecting her to come back so quickly. Quite frankly, I wasn’t expecting her to come back. Then again I never got that far in the old series.


I also love how Usagi’s love for her Sailor Guardians is deeper than any friendship. In some cases it even feels deeper than a family bond. She loves her Sailor Guardians more than anything, they are apart of her. They love her just the same. Their bond is something I have always idolized and something I have always wanted. On top of that, they’re not jealous over her relationship with Mamoru or try to break them up. They simply respect each other’s relationships and continue to love and grow with each other.

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