Rule with an Iron Fish Indie Game Review

Rule with an Iron Fish Indie Game Review

Are you looking for a new, kid-friendly game that just hit the market? How about something involving pirates and fish? If this interests you, check out the new indie game, Rule with an Iron Fish.

The Game

In Rule with an Iron Fish, you play a prince or a princess who was in a shipwreck and marooned on a pirate filled island. However, these pirates aren’t really motivated into doing anything. That’s when you have to fish to provide food and money for this tiny island. However the more you fish, the more this island starts to grow. By fishing, you get to collect not only fish but parts to build ships with. The more you do this, the more you’re able to go out into the sea to explore.

Can you be the best pirate who has ever fished the sea? Try your luck in Rule with an Iron Fish.

The Feels

Rule with an Iron Fish was pretty cute overall. It’s a fun spin on a fishing game, where there are pirates and rainbow catfish. Where when you fight other pirates, you prevent them from fishing by cutting their lines and catching their fish in the air. I honestly think it’s a pretty solid game and would be great for kids and adults alike.

The art in this game reminds me a bit of Bastion, but more simple and childlike. The music, however, was my favorite part. It’s so calming¬†and pretty, it totally made the game more than worth playing for me.

Overall, Rule with an Iron Fish is super cute and would be great for kids or for someone looking for a quiet and relaxing game.

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