Rogue One: A Star Wars Story the PewPewCat Review

Rogue One

When I was little, I used to watch the Star Wars Trilogy on VHS. Then it turned into six episodes and put on DVD. Now there are a total of 8 movies. It’s crazy to think that something I used to watch when it was nap time for my Nana would turn out to be so big. Naturally, I was excited for the announcement of Rogue One, when I heard they were coming out with it.

For starters, with the movie Rogue One, a gap has been filled. From where Anakin became Darth Vader, to in the future where he was chasing down Leia was never really explained in the movies. Well, that was until now. I love the fact that the first two paragraphs I used to read as a kid in A New Hope, were brought to life.

Not only did Rogue One have a strong female protagonist, but it also had an intriguing story line. I was entertained the entire movie. Admittedly, I was bouncing up and down when the X-Wings were fighting the TIE fighters. Those parts are always exciting, well at least to a geek like me.

My Feels

However, the girl in me really appreciated the female protagonist. Though, Jyn’s story really wasn’t all that developed, I thought. Yes, Jyn was raised by Saw Gerrera, after watching her mother being murdered in front of her and her father kidnapped. But where did her valiant side come from? Where did her passion for helping the Rebels come from after all these years? She even didn’t seem to harbor a hatred for the Empire, like most have.

To me, it felt like she was just there. Right time, right place. Yet, here she is, helping and dying with the Rebels. I get that passion may have come from her father’s wishes, however when we first met Jyn I didn’t get the feeling that she could ever have that passion, and I still don’t believe it.

Besides that flaw, I really loved this movie. It was fun, it was a Star Wars movie and more than worth seeing. Unfortunately, no surprises will come from this movie. No, Jyn isn’t Rey’s mother. Yet this movie was fun, and took me back to a time when I was kid again. Totally worth seeing.

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