A Robot Named Fight Indie Game Reivew

A Robot Named Fight

Are you looking for a new indie game to try out? Are you a fan of Metroidvania roguelike games? Then I suggest you check out A Robot Named Fight which new to Steam.

The Game

A Robot Named Fight is about a lone robot who is fighting the frightening children being spewed out of a thing called the Megabeast. By trying to stay alive by killing these meat-like creatures, and exploring and searching to find ancient artifacts to power yourself up, you might just be able to save the world of robots you live in. If you fail, your robot body would just be added to the rest of the robots who failed this task.

Like a Metroidvania game, it’s all side-scrolling. You shoot the aliens and the walls to explore the area you are in. You find powerups and new abilities to help you progress forward. Though with every time you play, there is a new labyrinth that is procedurally generated, so it’s a different experience for the player.

The Feels

This game made me feel as though I was playing Metroid Fusion on the Game Boy Advanced again. The graphics are very detailed in A Robot Named Fight and the mechanics are fun to play. This game is totally like a blast from the past, yet with the ability to not be on a tiny screen.

If you like Metroidvania roguelike games, you might just want to give this one a try.

For more info: http://store.steampowered.com/app/603530/A_Robot_Named_Fight/

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