Reaction to Agent Carter & Other Shows Cancelled ABC

Last week ABC put out the list of shows that will not be returning. It’s sad to see a show die, but three of these shows I am absolutely shattered about. I still want to cry over the fact that the Muppets, Galavant and Agent Carter were all cancelled.

image_5ba8fa2aThe Muppets brought my childhood back to life but in a way that would tickle the adult-in-me’s funny bone. Not only did it bring fresh entertainment, but it also brought something that I had enjoyed immensely as a kid back to life. Even though other people my age have expressed their dislike for the Muppets, it never detoured me away.

I enjoyed seeing new content from the Muppets every week. I have all the seasons that I could get of the Muppet Show on DVD and I have all the movies. I’m a huge fan and it was nostalgic to see them on TV today and was a bonus that it was more of an adult show this time around. Plus, Uncle Deadly being Miss. Piggy’s personal stylist cracked me up. Sure, I thought that Kermit’s new girlfriend was a tad bit… strange… But I still loved this show. The mix between current celebrities and the Muppets made it a new age Muppet show. I’m so sad this won’t be continuing.galavant-2

On top of that, GALAVANT. REALLY?! THEY HAD TO CANCELL THIS?! Madalena and Gareth fell in love and then she falls for the dark side and becomes a powerful witch then goes to get training and Gareth wants to go after her?! They’re just going to take that away from me?! What have I ever done to ABC to deserve this?! Thankfully, Galavant will be heading for the stage so hopefully the story will continue from there and hopefully with the same cast. I’m crossing my fingers for a stage near me… Or near the DVD isle so I could pick it up and watch it.

Most of all, I’m horribly sad that Agent Carter was cancelled. Agent Carter was a show that I had fallen in love with since the main character was a take charge and beat up the bad guys type of woman, who continually saved the day. Not only did I love the show I loved the character enough to name my kitten after her, Agent Carter.agent-carter-season-3-pic

I loved the fact that Agent Carter also was giving us some insight of what happened after WWII when Captain America became a Capsicle. The SSR continued their fight against Hydra and against the USSR but we never found out how Peggy created SHIELD. I need to know! I NEED THIS!

Hopefully, the fans will be enough of a drive to have Netflix pick up Agent Carter and continue the story. There is a petition out there that needs more signatures in order to present it to Netflix to get it picked up.

To sign this petition, you can go to:

Whenever these cancellation lists comes out, someone out there is always affected by it. I’m crossing my fingers Netflix that you pick Agent Carter up! PLEASE?!

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