Quarter Finals at League of Legends

Quarter Finals at League of Legends

The Quarter finals at League of Legends is continuing forward into finding who will be 2016’s champions. It’s crazy, a month ago I really had no interest in League of Legends and now I’m streaming the games via YouTube on my PS4, and actually paying attention to it. It’s strange how it draws my attention.

Yet as the teams start to face off against each other, these are my guesses of who I’m going to see at the semi-finals in New York City next weekend. I hope I was able to bat my eyes enough to hopefully get tickets for Friday, since I already have Saturday tickets.

On Thursday night, I watched Samsung Galaxy crush Cloud 9 in a 3-0 match. I hate to say it, but I knew the American team wasn’t going to win. Yet Friday night,  SK Telecom will face off against Royal Never Give Up. Seeing as though SK Telecom has won the past two years’ championships, I’m guessing that they will be the ones moving onto the next round in New York. Plus they have Faker.

Quarter Finals at League of Legends

However, Saturday’s game is the game I am most looking forward to. It’s where one of the team’s I’m cheering for, Rox Tigers will face the with other team I’m cheering for, Edward Gaming. My other half showed me a documentary on Smeb and ClearLove and now I’m hooked on those two players. Yet, makes me sad that they’re facing off against each other this weekend. I want both of them to win but I know only one will make it out of the quarter finals.

Yet on Snnday,  H2K will go up against Albus NoX Luna. So far, Albus NoX Luna the wild card team has been killing it. I’m also cheering for them as well. We will see how are this wild card team will go. It would be cool to see them at the Semi finals too.

So yes, these are my not-so, very-far-from professional opinion on the League of Legends Worlds tournaments. It’s going to be crazy. So far this is my guess of what’s going to happen at the Quarter Finals at League of Legends.

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