Portal Indie Game Review

I have had this friend who has been a huge fan of the game Portal for quite some time now. To be quite frank, it’s been years since she first told me that I need to play this game. Well… I finally did it. I played and beat Portal.

In Portal, you play a human woman named Chell who is trapped in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and is testing out the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device by using it to open portals between two flat planes and jump between them solving the new puzzles in each level. You are tested by GLaDOS, a robot with artificial intelligence who guides you along the way or so you think.

Wmaxresdefault (1)hile you solve GLaDOS’ puzzles, there is promise of a party and cake. Mind you, there are a lot of hard puzzles and even robots that shoot bullets at you. They’re so nice yet creepy when they ask you if you’re still there or let you know when they see you. Mostly creepy, very creepy. *Shivers*

What I liked most about this game is that you use your mind. There are so many puzzles you have to solve, and it was difficult at times. Some were so difficult for me that that I thank my lucky stars for YouTube walkthroughs. I know it’s cheating, but when you’re stuck and frustrated… It happens.

Level 18 was one of those levels I got horribly stuck on. By the time  I figured out, I was horribly motion sick from it. There was a lot of falling and flying though that level, lots of literal ups and downs that the camera views ended up making me sick to my stomach. I have to admit that I had to nap after that.

Testchmb17Either way, I had a blast with this game. I won’t spoil the ending, but just so you all know, the cake is a lie. Also, I don’t trust robots after this game.

Over all, I liked the story line of this game. Chell wakes up not knowing who she is, and is given tasks to complete. Eventually she starts to having to think for herself and puts all her newly learned abilities to the test. Even more so, I love the character GLaDOS and can’t wait to learn more about this artificial intelligence  robot.

Eventually I will play Portal 2, but for the mean time… I have other games on my list to play. If you do well with first person shooter games and love puzzles, this would be a good game for you.

For more info: http://www.valvesoftware.com/


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