Pokémon GO: Obsessions with Taking Over Gyms.

Pokémon GO

Ever since Pokémon GO was released, I have been addicted. Between swiping PokeStops, catching Pokémon and hatching eggs, I was pretty content with life. I loved walking around catching the random Pokémon nearby and getting to kind of see nature again… Then level 5 happened.

Pokemon GO

Ever since I was able to go to a gym and declare my allegiance to one of the teams, things changed for me. I pledged my allegiance to team Mystic, mainly out of peer pressure. I really didn’t care… That was until the memes started hitting Facebook. From there, I decided it was time to take things more seriously. I started training at Mystic controlled gyms, trying to build the gym up enough for me to get a spot. Collecting the gold coins that’s apart of that is just now a goal of mine.

When I finally started getting Pokémon that were strong enough to take down other Pokémon I decided I needed to broaden my horizons. I wanted to try to take over a gym controlled by one of the other teams. At first it was just to see if I could do it… Now, it’s just to either have a pissing contest to show off my okay CP’ed Arcanine… or to troll people by putting my 13 CP’ed Psyduck in the gym over and over again as the current gym leader.

Pokemon GO

This may seem a little childish, I understand. However, there’s so much competition between the teams it’s just fun to troll people. It’s like, “Yes, I saw you put your high powered Vaporeon at this gym. I easily took it over and replaced it with my own easily beatable Pokémon.” I have no shame. Plus I like it when other’s have control of a gym and I fight them. You gain more experience that way.

Yes, I’m still addicted to this game. It’s fun, nostalgic and gets me out moving. On top of that, I love to brag about my Magikarp collection. Either way, if you’re on the fence about getting Pokémon GO. Just get it and always know that you can delete it later.

For more info on Pokémon GO: http://www.pokemongo.com/

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