Pixel Galaxy an Indie Game Review

An indie game that I have logged a bunch of hours into, would have to be Pixel Galaxy. It’s mostly due to the fact that my friends at Serenity Forge were the ones who made it. It’s a fun experience  that contains a meaningful message behind it.


The Game

Pixel Galaxy is essentially a bullet hell game except for the part where you are unable to actually shoot your opponents. You start off as a single white pixel, that can only protect itself by collecting the other pixels around it. Those pixels are either defensive pixels that can protect you while you are attacked, or offensive that can shoot other pixels. You collect these pixels to them your friends, and they help you defeat the bosses that comes every 90 seconds.

There is also a two player mode that is co-op. Together you help each other stay alive in this bullet hell wonderland. It’s insane how complex this games gets the further you go. Bullets come from everywhere and your goal is to survive with your little white pixel as long as you can. Thankfully in co-op mode, if your friend’s white pixel gets shot you can save it.


The Feels 

Not only have played this game a bunch, I have seen this game played by many people as well. It makes me happy when I see two young boys, side by side fully into this game.. On top of that, the message of making friends in this game is adorable. You have to make friends in order to grow, but maybe too many friends can harm you if you’re not careful. Which is real life in a nutshell.

Pixel Galaxy is a fun game to play with strangers, friends or just by yourself. It also wants to share a meaningful message of making friends in the strangest places, and how it can benefit you 

To find out more about Pixel Galaxy and Serenity Forge: http://serenityforge.com/

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