PewPewCat’s Tips for Denver Comic Con 2017

PewPewCat’s Tips for Denver Comic Con 2017

Denver Comic Con is Colorado’s largest comic convention. People come from all over the state and from all over the country to this convention. If this is your first Denver Comic Con, here are my PewPewCat’s tips for Denver Comic Con 2017 to making the next three days the most enjoyable.

What is Denver Comic Con?

Denver Comic Con started in 2012 to help fund the organization now known as Pop Culture Classroom (PCC). PCC is a Denver-based nonprofit that brings a love of learning back into schools and even correctional facilities. They do this by using popular culture in order to increase literacy and celebrate diversity. By doing this it builds a relationship with the community and teaches the individual the power of self-expression. It’s a wonderful organization the helps children and adults alike. For more information:

Denver Comic Con is also an educational program of PCC that has more than 600 hours of educational programming, and areas of the convention floor dedicated to the Pop Culture Laboratory, an educational area for kids. The Pop Culture Laboratory is an area to engage kids on educational activities such as allowing young artists/creators to work directly with professionals from the comic book and animation industries as well as other creative professions. It’s a great time for kids to learn directly from the creators who work on their favorite shows.

The Essentials

There’s hundreds of hours of panels taking place throughout the convention. Want to get ahead and plan out your convention? You can! Denver Comic Con has released a digital copy of the programming schedule on their website. Plus, if you want it on your phone there’s an app for it as well. Click the link for more information on the schedule and for the app:

Now, if you’ve never been to the convention before and are planning on staying the whole day, there is a food court in Denver Comic Con. There are also multiple adult beverage stations as well, all serving the convention beer I AM BREWT. The food court is pretty expensive and the lines around meal time become pretty long. Yet, there are restaurants around the convention center as well, and the 16th Street Mall is two blocks away from the convention. If none sound appealing, pack a lunch. If anything though, bring a water bottle. Keeping hydrated while at the convention is a must.

I will warn you though, there are going to be a ton of people at this event. Be sure to bring good walking shoes that you can handle walking in for hours, bring pain medication just in case you develop a headache, and be sure to take care of your personal hygiene. I’m a huge fan of deodorant and showers.

Also, if you are a cosplayer, be sure to bring a sewing kit or safety pins for any unfortunate mishaps and glue for any prop or costume breaks. I know that it gets super hot under those wigs so be sure to drink plenty of water. Please read the Denver Comic Con rules and regulations for cosplay before going to the convention. They’re pretty strict and I don’t want you to be turned away. You can find them here:

If you’re not a cosplayer but want to take photos of or with the cosplayer, please be respectful and ask the cosplayer for a photo. If they refuse, respect their wishes. Denver Comic Con takes any harassment very seriously and wants all attendees to feel safe at all times. If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable, report it to a Denver Comic Con volunteer right away. They are there to help.

Hopefully this helps in explaining what to expect out of your Denver Comic Con experience. If you have any questions just let me know! Oh, be sure to check out the video game area! I can’t wait to see you all there!

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