PewPewCat’s Spoils from Denver Comic Con 2017

PewPewCat’s Spoils from Denver Comic Con 2017

I’m still living on a high from the hype of Denver Comic Con. It was a weekend of excitement, looking at all the independent video games being shown, at all the artists works and seeing my favorite celebrities. Here’s my PewPewCat’s Spoils from Denver Comic Con 2017.

After seeing the art for the I AM BREWT beer, I had to take a look at the artist, Noah Eisenman. I found that he had several drawings of characters from Overwatch. I don’t know if you all noticed, but I love Overwatch. Thus I had to get a few of his prints. I ended up getting Zarya and Pharah, but his Chell from Portal was just too cute. Thus, I ended up getting Chell too. Noah was super nice and ended up throwing in a tiny D.Va print as well, since she’s my main when it comes to Overwatch.

I also discovered Corgli, a webcomic that is BEYOND cute to the point where I had to get a couple of prints and follow them on Facebook.Expect an interview with it’s creator, TC Tso shortly! As you can tell in my picture, there were also a few other things I picked up as well that were too cute not to have.

I have to say though, I spent most of my money on the celebrity photo ops and signatures. Nathan Fillion has forever been on my list to meet. Even though I didn’t get to talk to him the picture I got with him is absolutely amazing. Sure, I look like an absolute dork but it was worth it. Him giving the Captain Hammer look was perfect. I was so happy to meet him.

Plus, I also got a picture with Catherine Tate. I was so excited to get a photo op with her as well. While I was there I had to tell her she was my favorite companion too, which she is out of Doctor Who. Yet, the most amazing thing happened while I was in line for Catherine Tate. I was second in line of getting a photo with her and in runs Millie Bobby Brown from the side to get a photo with her. They posed together and Millie ran out. It was the cutest thing I saw all convention. I even got a glance at the photo and saw Millie making a kissy face holding hands with Catherine Tate. It was so darn cute.

I also got an autograph from Felicia Day on my copy of her book, You’re Never Weird on the Internet. I already have a picture with her from back in 2012 at Dragon Con, thus only the autograph. While getting the autograph I got to speak with her for a tiny bit where I invited her to come check out the Hall of Games. Unfortunately she had her baby with her and was unable to, but I still tried which I think counts for something.

Overall, it’s the memories which I hold most precious in this case. The memories of hanging out with awesome friends and making new friends. That and my picture with Nathan Fillion. It shall soon be in a frame hanging on my wall.

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  1. I’m so glad you had a good time. I had a great time, too! It was a huge, intense con and the weather was tough outside, but I want to go back.

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