PewPewCat’s Cosplays for Denver Comic Con 2017

PewPewCat’s Cosplays for Denver Comic Con 2017

Last year was the first year I hadn’t cosplayed for Denver Comic Con since the beginning. When you have a ton of life changes, you tend to forget your creative side. This year, I want to get back into it. This is my so-far cosplays for Denver Comic Con 2017.

Lately, I have had a ton of ideas bustling though my head of what I should cosplay this year. Starting Fire Emblem Heroes recently did not help that. There’s just so many pretty characters I want to cosplay *cough* Catria *cough*.

Cosplay 1

So far, since there’s going to be several actors from the show Stranger Things including Eleven, I have decided to cosplay Eleven in the pink dress wearing a blonde wig carrying a box of Eggos. Possibly a drip of blood out of the nose. There will be cooked Eggos in there, just for snacks. Luckily, I found the Eleven dress at Hot Topic and I have a wig already. I just need the jacket, the 80’s socks with the colors and white shoes. Easy cosplay? Pretty much.

Cosplay 2

On top of that, I’m a huge fan of the show Bob’s Burgers. The family goodness of the show mixed with the hilarity and sarcasm drew me to it. It was rough getting used to Archer’s voice being Bob’s voice though. Either way, I got a Louise Hat from Hot Topic and have the wig already. All I need is to find or make a lime green dress and find black shoes. The shoes are easy, the dress… We will see.

Cosplay 3

The third cosplay however will be the most difficult. We will see if I can pull this off. I had been playing Tales of Zestiria for a bit and fell in love with the character Rose. Her outfit is so cute! Plus she’s a strong character, especially since she’s the head of the assassins guild in the game. Yet, I have nothing started on this character. Her white pants and yellow handkerchief may be the easiest parts of this cosplay. I should probably get started.

Well, these are the cosplays I’m planning so far. Denver Comic Con is around 11 weeks away June 30th – July 2nd! Lots to do, but hopefully it works out! Wish me luck!


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