Evangeline an Indie Game Review and Let’s Play


It has been a while since I’ve played an indie game that has made me cry. So, I guess it is well over due. Thus this time, I played Evangeline.

The Game

Evangeline is a first person game where your only guide is color. You awake in a garage, that is all black and white. However, when you start to explore the little neighborhood you’re, in things start to appear in color. By paying attention to these clues, you are able to more forward in the game to discover a letter that admittedly made me cry.

The Feels

Evangeline was created by Nicholas Laborde, who made this game after his grandfather passed away. I would have say that his mission for Evangeline would to bring awareness to cherish and talk the ones you love now, before its too late. Which has always been one of my biggest fears, loosing someone I care about and them not knowing how much I love them or care. Ever since I watched/read the anime/manga, Fruits Basket I’ve been very cautious of this. So tomorrow I’ll be once again calling my mom and grandparents, possibly my brothers too. I already tell my cat on a daily basis how much I love her.

I also have to admit, I really liked the simple game mechanics. When you were going the right way or in the right direction,  it would change color. Plus, I really liked how this game looped around to why the flowers were so important.

For more info: http://evangelinegame.com/

Also, I did a Let’s Play! Please check it out and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Thanks loves!

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