The PewPewCat E3 Experience and Top Games

The PewPewCat E3 Experience and Top Games

Last week was E3 2017. This is where all of the top game developers in the industry announce their upcoming projects and games. It was a fantastically exhausting week and this is my PewPewCat E3 Experience.

The Experience

This was my first E3 I’ve ever been to. I didn’t expect how amazing the booths would look at E3. Nintendo’s was by far the best. When you walked into their area, it was like walking into a town in Super Mario Odyssey itself. They had statues of Mario Chain Chomp and a Mario Tank and Mario himself with the Odyssey hat. There were tables of demos for Super Mario Odyssey, where when you played the game you get a hat and a pin. In the back there were tables set up to play Arms and Splatoon 2, and in the middle was a display of the newest Amiibos to soon be hitting shelves. I drooled over the Chrom one.

This was just one tiny section in the West hall. Next to it was the PlayStation area where it felt pretty dim. There I got to meet Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank and hugged him. It was magical. In the South hall however, they were showing Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and even had a dragon you could sit on. The game looks fantastic yet hysterical at the same time. I’m excited to see more of the game.

Also in the south hall was the Xbox booth. There you can try games like the new Forza and Sea of Thieves. On top of that, there was the Square-Enix booth, which sadly did not have Kingdom Hearts III. Instead they were showing off Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood and some of their mobile games. The mobile games I got to try out and were pretty cool, but Fire Emblem: Heroes owns my phone currently. Then there was the IndieCade area. There were games shown there like Burly Men at Sea, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine and Detention. I wish I would have gotten more time to check out that area.

The Games

There were many games being shown at E3, yet there’s a couple of them that sticks out the most to me. One would definately have to be Super Mario Odyssey. Not only did they have great marketing at E3 for it, but the demo was quite fun as well. For the Mario fans out there, you will enjoy this game. You get to throw your hat and turn into enemies. Plus, there’s different types of game play in this game including going back to classic Mario. It’s an all around fun looking game and I can’t wait to buy it.

Yet, there was one game that really stuck out during the Xbox conference. That would have to be The Last Night. It’s a 2D side scrolling narrative that is all done in pixel art and is about a dystopian future that can possibly be our future. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I am excited to see more of this game when available. The trailer for it is below.

Overall, E3 was a blast. I met so many amazing people and can’t wait to play their games. Check out my photo gallery below!

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