Overwatch Summer Games

Overwatch Summer Games

It’s that time again, Overwatch is having another event. The Summer Games have returned once again, delivering new arcade modes, skins, and other great things. Here’s what I’m excited for in the Overwatch Summer Games.

As always with new events, there are special arcade modes unlocked for a limited time. The arcade mode this time is called Lúcioball where it’s a 3V3 competitive game where you’re essentially playing soccer/ fútbol with nothing but Lúcio and his abilities. Lúcioball is very similar to playing Rocket League, but instead of cars, you have Lúcio himself. It’s 6 Lúcios on the field all trying to score a goal in the rival’s net. They also have a COPA Lúcioball where if you think you’re good enough, you can play to be ranked as one of the best Lúcioball players. I suck at it, so I won’t be trying.

Plus, there are new skins to be purchased or get in a loot box as well. If you didn’t get the skins from last year’s event, you can now purchase them for 1,000 gold during this limited time event. However, I’m more excited for the new skins for Soldier: 76, Widowmaker and McCree. There are so many fans out there who support Soldier: 76 being the dad-like character in Overwatch. Luckily this time, the creators of Overwatch played into this with the new skin, Grillmaster: 76. It’s so perfect. Soldier: 76 with a Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts, socks with sandals, and the tactical grilling apron. He’s got everything to be the perfect dad-like grill master, including beer holders. To top it off, “Raise the Steaks” is printed on the apron. It’s so absolutely perfect. If I don’t get this skin in a loot box, I’m totally buying it.

Then there’s McCree showing off his tanned muscular body in his lifeguard skin. It’s cute, the straw hat with the swim trunks that match his flip flops, tactical belt, bracelet and tiny backpack. The tink backpack that he’s wearing though cracks me up every time, it’s so small. Then you have Widowmaker in a Bikini. I love the fact that even though she’s in a swim suit, she still looks like she’s there undercover to kill some people. She has such a serious face. Mercy also received a new skin where she’s dressed up as a Grecian Goddess. I think it’s really pretty. Sombra also got a new one where she’s all ready to snorkel. Most likely there to cause trouble.

Naturally, there’s new emotes and victory poses as well for this event. I’m excited to see what I get in my loot boxes!

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