Overcooked a Multiplayer Indie Game Review


I got a chance to play Overcooked, a multiplayer cooperative indie game. When I heard of this game, I figured that it was something like Fruit Ninja. It’s actually so much more, and much more fun.


The Game

In Overcooked, you play chefs who after failing to defeat the onion monster, have to go back in time to relearn cooking skills. This way when you re-face the evil onion monster, you’re able to defeat him and save the world.

In each challenge, you and your friends up to four people, have to work together to make dishes to serve to the customers. These dishes start out as soups and start to get more complicated as you go along. Not only that, the dishes get more complex, so do the stages. In one stage you’re on a pirate ship and the entire cooking area moves. It makes it pretty difficult due to being pushed away from your pot which does catch on fire. If you’re not careful, your entire cooking space can be set on fire.


The Feels

This game is totally about communication and working together to get to the next level. However it’s hard to do that when you’re laughing so hard. When my friend and I were trying out this game together, we laughed so hard that we were forgetting to wash dishes and setting soups on fire. I mean, that’s talent to set soup on fire.

Yet, this game was so much fun. We are excited to play this game in a group of people. It’s one of those games that I would love to play at a party with people. Like, for those who don’t want to play Super Smash Bros or need a change they can play this. It’s fun and you don’t sabotage each other.

For more information on Overcooked: http://www.ghosttowngames.com/overcooked/



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