Ori and the Blind Forest Initial Thoughts

Ori and the Blind Forest Initial Thoughts

I first encountered Ori and the Blind Forest at GDC 2016. It was an indie game that stuck out and I finally purchased it this past weekend during the Steam Summer Sale. Here are my Ori and the Blind Forest initial thoughts.

The Game

In the opening of Ori and the Blind Forest, you find that Ori is the child of a massive spirit tree located in the middle of the forest. However one day, something happened. A massive gust of wind took Ori away from the spirit tree. Luckily Ori was found by Naru, a creature who raised Ori as her own child.

The Spirit Tree mourned for their lost child and tried to call out to Ori to get their child to return home. While emitting a giant beam of light from the center of the tree to try to show its child the way home, a giant bird named Kuro came and took the spirit of the spirit tree away in their talons. 

Ori saw the light, however Naru in fear for her and her child’s life, she rush them both back to their home. After the spirit of the spirit tree was taken away, the forest began to die and there was no food. Naru went searching for food, but was unable to find any. She gave Ori the last bit of food they had. Ori went searching for food as well and found the last of it. Yet when Ori came back, Ori discovered that Naru had passed away due to starvation. After mourning the loss of Naur, Ori set out on a journey to essentially save the forest.

In the game, Ori cannot fight on its own. Ori instead encounters a floating spirit orb who is able to shoot and do other various things. Though, along the way Ori learns different abilities to help him during his journey.

The Feels

I cried so hard when it came to the opening of this game. When Naru passed away I broke down in tears. Already this story has me so drawn I love it to death. Ori is absolutely adorable. I really love how Ori learns things by gathering spirit points and finding random abilities in the forest. I also really enjoy how you create your own save point, though I always forget to create one.

The game play is amazing, the art is stunning and the story draws you in. I know that if I cry within the first couple minutes of the game, that it’s going to be a good story. I can’t wait to continue playing Ori and the Blind Forest to see what happens. Kuro though is pretty creepy.


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