Orange Moon Indie Game Review

Orange Moon Indie Game Review

Do you like 2D side-scrolling platformer games, where you explore a dangerous planet with unknown hazards? You might want to check out the recently released indie game, Orange Moon.

The Game

In Orange Moon, you play an astronaut exploring a dangerous 2D alien world. There are all sorts of hazards you have to go through to get to the end of the level. Things like dangerous plant life, and strange weapons trying to kill you. Luckily you have a jetpack, a flamethrower, a gun and grenades to keep you safe. Though, you have to be careful since you can run out of grenades, bullets, and fuel for your flamethrower. Luckily, there are always items on the ground to help you complete your mission, including upgrades and new weapons.

The further you go the harder it gets.

The Feels

The art is pretty interesting in this game, especially when it comes to the character you play and the things trying to kill you. I, however, wasn’t a fan of the controls on the gamepad. When a majority of the games out there have ‘A’ as jump, it becomes difficult when you have to press up quickly on the movement stick. It was difficult for me to remember that as I continually pressed ‘A’ to jump out of habit. Though if you like side-scrolling alien adventure games, you might just like this one.

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