Ninja Pizza Girl Indie Game Review

Ninja Pizza Girl

Looking for a game that is part speed platformer, part the troubles of a teenage girl? Or even a game about self esteem issues? Well you’ve come to the right place when you play Ninja Pizza Girl.

The Game

In Ninja Pizza Girl, you play Gemma a p izza delivery girl who delivers pizza on foot to her father’s customers. Of course, being that she has to deliver these pizza’s without a car in a world where the slums have built upwards, she’s had to learn to adapt to her surroundings. That’s where the ninja part comes in. With a mix of parkour and martial arts, Gemma is the Ninja Pizza Girl.

Yet, the further you get in this game, you realize that Gemma isn’t the only ninja pizza delivery person out there. There are others, and they pretty much bully Gemma. Pushing her down when she gets too close and makes fun of her when she screws up. Can Gemma beat the bullies at their own game? You’ll have to find out.

The Feels

Being that I am a girl, I feel for Gemma since I was that age once. I was a lonely teenager and wasn’t really bullied by other kids, but I empathize with her. I really think this would be good for a young teenager, fresh into high school. Life is tough at that age, and it sucks trying to find your bearings when you’re essentially in a whole new world when you walk into high school.

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that when you see someone else go though the bullying and come out of it, it could inspire hope in yourself. You never know until you give it a try.

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