Night in the Woods Indie Game Review

Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods was a game I had been excited to play ever since I tried Lost Constellation. It is a supplemental game that was released in 2014 to help excite fans for Night in the Woods. The long wait for Night in the Woods though was well worth it.

Night in the Woods is about a college dropout named Mae, who returned to her hometown, Possum Springs after something happening while she was away at college. She’s a rebel, who likes to play bass, hang out with her friends and get into trouble. However, when she returns home, she finds that her friends have changed and that the small run-down mining town she grew up in, might have something suspicious and dangerous happening behind the scenes.

The Feels

As you progress throughout the game, things become stranger as you get to know Mae. At first, she seems like a slacker. She had dropped out of college suddenly and didn’t want to tell anyone about it. She reconnects with her old bandmates and even her former best friend, and you start to realize that something has been off with Mae all along. Which made me question if something was really happening in the woods or not.

Night in the Woods overall is a beautifully told story with amazing art. I played through the entire game in two sittings, since it was very hard to put down. I loved rekindling the friendship between Mae and Bea and I loved getting to know Angus and the relationship that he and Gregg have together. They’re so adorable. Yet, even more so, I loved the awareness that this game gives to mental illness. It did it in such a way, that people who have never suffered from depression could empathize with her and gain somewhat of a respect for what people with depression go through.

It was amazing to see Night in the Woods win so many awards at IGF including the Seumas McNally Grand Prize for Best Independent Game and several others this year as well. This game is amazing and I am so glad I got the chance to play it.

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