Nidhogg Indie Game Reivew

I have a list of video games to try, and when my significant other looked on my list and saw that I had Nidhogg on it, he pulled up the game on Steam right away. He was excited to play against me in this game that I had never tried.

NidhoggThe Game:

In Nidhogg, you are a character trying to stab the other character, disarm the other character or jump over the other character and run to the other side of the screen. Do that enough, you win by getting eaten by a giant worm-monster thing.

The catch? It’s a simple game, that’s kind of difficult. There are three positions your swords can go in, you can throw the sword and you can disarm your opponent and attack him. However, while you’re doing all of this, he’s trying to do the same thing to you. Then you have to run to try to get to the other side of the screen first before they do. It’s like tug-of-war.

The Feels:Nidhogg

This game can get very competitive quick and is great for two players as a party game. Though, when I went against my significant other, he was better versed in the controls and beat me several times. Actually, I don’t think I won once. Yet I didn’t make it easy for him.

Sometimes with the moves I did, it made him laugh which was a distraction technique. Maybe not, I was laughing too. There was a lot of laughing and clicking of the keyboard. Over all, I enjoy it for it’s simplicity yet the amount of fun you can have with it.

On top of it all, Nidhogg is an award winning game. It won the 2011 IGF Nuovo (innovation) award, which is understandable. This game is super clever and super fun at the same time. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go practice button smashing to beat my significant other at this game.

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