Newest Pokémon Mobile App, Magikarp Jump Review

Newest Pokémon Mobile App, Magikarp Jump Review

The Pokémon Company just released it’s newest app, Magikarp Jump to the App Store and Google Play. It’s a game about the fishiest Pokémon around, Magikarp.

The Game

Magikarp Jump is all about the fishiest fish in the Pokémon universe. In Magikarp Jump, you’re training the Magikarp you catch to be the best jumper around. To do this, you feed your Magikarp different foods like the oran berry and the sitrus berry and train it. When you feel like the fish is ready, you battle it against other Magikarp Jumping masters. The fish who jumps the highest, wins.

However, when your Magikarp maxes out it’s maximum level and is unable to win any more jumping contests, your Magikarp is retired to the back of the pond. There it watches your new Magikarp from a distance. Also, Pikachu and other Pokémon joins the fun, helping your Magikarp train and cheering it on when it battles other Magikarp owners.

The Feels

At first I thought that Magikarp Jump was for someone way below my age group. Yet, the more I play it the more it becomes addicting. Feeding your Magikarp and training it to  get more Jump Power, so it can defeat your opponent becomes a bit of an obsession. Plus, there are some events that happens where your Magikarp can actually die. Like, what just happened? My fish just got taken away by a Pidgeotto! What?

Unfortunately, how good the Magikarp trains or how far it jumps doesn’t have anything to do with the player. The training is random and the Magikarp jumps as high as its Jump Power allows it. What’s nice though, is you don’t have to spend money on this game unless you are impatient. Then you will.

Overall, Magikarp Jump is cute but not something that I will be keeping on my mobile device. I think it is a good attempt for getting younger generations into Pokémon though. A Magikarp Tamagotchi of sorts.

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